MT Team pick their One Stock Portfolio stocks

I canvassed the Marcus Today Team this week asking what stock they would put into their own personal “One Stock Portfolio”. The answers were interesting. The question was based on our recent article about the ONE STOCK PORTFOLIO and our Member who turned $157,000 into $12m (now $15.3m) - Click below. Note that picking your one stock portfolio stock is often not about fundamentals or value (yawn). It is about risk, personal connection and being comfortable taking a large bet for one reason or another. As you will see in the list below. Most of us picked our stocks because we feel we know the stock, have done some research, and feel "safe" for one reason or another, which may have nothing to do with the PE or yield (!) The criteria is a stock that you expect to be a multi-bagger in the long term. It's not trading, it's tuck away. It's not a hot stock this month, it’s a great theme for the next decade. The safety valve is that you can sell it anytime if the story changes. Disclaimer - By the way - WE ALL HOLD THE STOCKS WE MENTION
  • Marcus – Poseidon Nickel (POS) – I have seen the life cycle of a Nickel project turning into a mine before (Sally Malay – it listed at 20c and went to 600c). If Peter Harold (a mate) can do it again at POS it will multi-bag again. It has the Nickel price behind it being driven by electric vehicle/electrification/battery demand. Because I know Peter, I know his history, have seen him execute the “project to production” job before (at Sally Malay/Panoramic Resources), and know he is a family man with experience, reputation, integrity, honest intention, and perpetual effort. I see the stock as ‘safer’ than any other investor might see it.
  • Henry – Archer Materials (AXE) – Quantum computing and biotech. Developing a new quantum computing microchip that will fit in mobile devices and be quick enough for AI, big data, and fintech. If they get a chip breakthrough they will multi multi bag. Capped at only $170m so if it makes it all work it will be multiples of.
  • Chris – Pro Medicus (PME) – My Dad is a doctor and in conversations we've had about the stock, he has shared with me just how revolutionary their imaging technology is.
  • Ben – Betmakers (BET) – I have worked in the gambling industry and was involved when the Australian gambling industry took off. We are in the early stages of explosive growth in US online gambling.
  • Tom – Airtasker (ART) – My friends and I have used it to get stuff done. It's good. It's “Uber” for services. Its disruptive, their marketing is organic, high brand awareness, sticky customers. I did a BUY HOLD SELL on Airtasker and bought it straight away.
  • Riley – Ripple (Cryptocurrency) – I’m not interested in growing my money at 5.77% per annum at the moment. I want more fun. When cryptocurrencies first became interesting my cousin suggested Ripple – it’s the cryptocurrency I have read the most about and (hope) I have some understanding of and feel the most comfortable with.
  • Jarrod – AirBNB (NASDAQ listed) – All my mates go straight to AirBNB whenever travelling. The AirBNB culture is here to stay.
  • Felix – Vulcan Energy (VUL) – It was originally a tip from a friend so I had a look at it. Trying to develop zero carbon lithium mining. Got interested when we did a podcast with the CEO.
  • Chichi – Commonwealth Bank (CBA) – I can’t afford to lose money.
At the risk of 1,000 emails - email me your One Stock Portfolio stock - same criteria - no long explanations, just a line or two.

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