On the Couch with Ed Eshuys and Bruce Parncutt from DGO Gold (DGO)

A look at Gold Miner DGO Gold (DGO)- 15.8% shareholder of DEG This week Henry is On the Couch talking to Ed Eshuys and Bruce Parncutt (AO) from DGO Gold. Ed is the Executive Chairman and Director of Dacian Gold Limited and a Director of De Grey Mining Limited. In the early 1990s he led the teams that discovered the Plutonic, Bronzewing and Jundee gold deposits, as well as the Cawse Nickel Deposit. He was the Managing Director and CEO of St Barbara Limited from July 2004 to March 2009. Bruce is an executive director of DGO and Chairman of investment banking group Lion Capital. Previously managing director of McIntosh Securities, Senior Vice President of Merrill Lynch, Director of Australian Stock Exchange Ltd. Bruce is also a Director of a number of listed public companies, including Acrux Ltd, Praemium Ltd and Stuart Petroleum Ltd. Both are gold experts and DGO presents an interesting way to play the De Grey ‘Hemi’ story at a discount and you get a number of green and brownfield projects thrown in for good measure.
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