On the Couch with Professor Mike Conway – XVentures talking investing mindsets

On The Couch this week Henry talks to a friend of his, Mike Conway or should I say the Honourable Professor Mike Conway or even musician Mike Conway. Mike as you will hear is a man of many talents but today, we are talking about Mike’s business which focuses on getting the best out of people. Mike is a strategist, leader and consultant at executive level and has worked with Deloittes, EY and even The Wiggles. He is known for his unconventional approach to a winning mental strategy. Whether you are an experienced investor, trader or new to the world of share investing, it is important to have the right mental attitude. Mike can help you with that. Recently Mike has been working with our national soccer team and Sydney FC as well as some of our successful Olympians. His company XVenture has produced a number of successful TV series and works with businesses to provide fast and lasting learning outcomes.

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