On The Couch with Andrew Wielandt discussing the ETF Portfolio

Welcome to another episode of On the Couch with myself Henry Jennings from Marcus Today. This week, On the Couch I have Andrew 'The Whisperer' Wielandt (DP Wealth Advisory) on again. It is time to face the music and get some expert feedback on the NEAT (New ETF Active Trading) Portfolio. The diversity and low costs of ETFs make them a great option for new investors. The goal is to build a solid ETF portfolio that is making money with less risk and volatility. Many members will know of Andrew's work and contribution. I do a show with him every fortnight on Ausbiz and he is one of the few independent experts in the ETF space. I asked him some time ago if he would provide some input into the new portfolio, he agreed and now he gives his advice and opinion on how I have gone building the portfolio. Fair to say its a work in progress and his input is valuable and I will be taking on board his advice. Keep an eye out in the newsletter next week for the changes in the NEAT Portfolio stemming from this conversation. It's a fun episode as always with Andrew and his knowledge never ceases to amaze me. If you have an interest in the brave new world of ETFs, its a highly recommended.

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