On the Couch with Ignacio Salazar CEO Highfield Resources (HFR)

In our last 'On the Couch' session for 2021 this week, we head to Spain and we sit down with Ignacio Salazar from Highfield Resources (HFR). We are talking potash. A commodity that has had a stellar year but no one seems to have noticed. BHP is driving ahead with its potash investment in Canada and clearly see potential for the commodity. Ignacio Salazar is the CEO of Highfield and importantly born in the Basque region of Spain and brings local knowledge to the project as 2022 looks to be an interesting year after permitting issues have now been resolved. Plenty of potential as Ignacio brings this project on stream and with a simple mining process, long mine life, promising cost structure, plus strong interest in the funding, HFR is set for an interesting 2022. Ignacio Salazar is an international executive with more than 30 years of experience in the natural resources industry. He has lived and worked in various countries in Europe and South America. Ignacio assumed the position of CEO of Highfield in July 2020, after coming from Orosur Mining, a Canadian gold mining company with operations in Colombia, Uruguay and Chile, which is listed in the London and Toronto stock markets, and in which he worked as CEO and CFO for 12 years. Ignacio has extensive experience in the exploration, development, construction and operation of open pit and underground mines. Grab a glass of Rioja and sit back and enjoy the conversation with Ignacio.   Why not sign up for a free trial? Get access to expert insights and independent research and become a better investor.

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