House Deposit Basket – Stocks that offered growth

It is the anniversary of the House Deposit Basket.Marcus Today - House Deposit Basket

It was a look at a bunch of stocks that offered growth and some security. The idea being that if you were saving for a deposit then this basket was a good alternative to having the money in the bank. The idea was not to go backwards. The valuation does NOT include the dividends received along the way. BHP has paid $970. RF1 has paid $2543, COL paid $380. MQG has paid $395, TLS $470. Total $4750 in dividends. All up the portfolio including dividends is up to a valuation of $84326. Up 40.5% in a year. That beats the banks! Lucky we switched out of RMD above $39 and into BHP below $38. With all that lovely dividend money too. Maybe that house is still out of reach, but it hasn’t been for want of trying with the basket. The ASX is up 11.5% in that time period. Simple idea. Six stocks and $60,000. Just pick the right six stocks.
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