500 of your Stock Tips

Question 20 of our 2022 Member Survey was this:
“Do you have a stock tip, theme or a bit of (legal) inside information about your own industry or business to share with other members?”
Here are the 500 odd answers – your stock tips. Note the date – June 2022. Don’t want you reading this in December 2023 and thinking it's still current! There are a few recurring themes and stocks in here. As usual, the stocks and sectors that have already gone up the most, and most recently, are the ones that get mentioned the most, but if you dig around there are some good ‘unpopular’ insights in here that will have you researching stocks you don’t hold (yet). To sum up some of the most popular mentions – popular sectors include Lithium (48 references), Energy and Agriculture, and from a stock point of view, there were 21 references to Macquarie (MQG) and 12 to Pilbara Minerals (PLS) plus a host of other popular stocks. Click the image below for the full list of stock tips.
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More about the author – Marcus Padley

Marcus Padley is a highly-recognised stockbroker and business media personality. He founded Marcus Today Stock Market Newsletter in 1998. The business has built a community of like-minded investors who want to survive and thrive in the stock market. We achieve that through a combination of daily stock market education, ideas and activities.

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