500 of Your Worst Financial Decisions

We sent our Members a 20 question survey in 2022. One of the questions in our 2022 Member Survey was:
"What was your worst Financial Decision?".
We had over 500 pieces of "advice". There are too many to include in the newsletter so I have put them in a PDF for you. You may have to print it and read it at your weekend leisure. But it's worth it. Let's see if you can pick up the dominant themes. Turns out the stock market is not the most important financial decision ahead of you. Click the image below. Worst Financial Decisions

We hope you find some wisdom in here – I certainly did although most of it is already too late! Thank you for that.

More about the author – Marcus Padley

Marcus Padley is a highly-recognised stockbroker and business media personality. He founded Marcus Today Stock Market Newsletter in 1998. The business has built a community of like-minded investors who want to survive and thrive in the stock market. We achieve that through a combination of daily stock market education, ideas and activities.

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