Elders (ELD) plummeted on the release of results on November 14 (Monday). Down 22.9% on the day of the release. Henry bought it as a trade feeling the sell-off was overdone in the short term.

Elders share price chart

Some bullet points:

  • Announced the retirement of their long-time CEO next year, who has been a mainstay for the company for over a decade.
  • Sales increased 35% to $3.4bn.
  • Underlying EBIT increased 23% to $232.1m missing brokers’ forecasts causing the stock price to drop.
  • Outlook remained positive with favourable trading conditions expected to continue with high demand in the first half of FY23.
  • Short term the recent extreme rainfall across the eastern states has created uncertainty in the affected regions and may not yield a full harvest.
  • Strong demand in chemicals and fertiliser is expected to continue.
  • Cattle and Sheep prices are expected to soften in the medium term.
  • Wool demand remains strong from China and other Asian nations.
  • Elders Board Chair has commented that “Australian agriculture is in a strong position. Good seasonal conditions, strong commodity prices, and record demand for Australian agricultural products are all contributing to a very favourable production environment and a sense of confidence and excitement for the years ahead”.


Not a lot of broker coverage. Morgan's note cash flow was well below expectations, it will be hard to meet 2023 earnings growth after such a strong 2022, and the CEO resignation overshadowed the results announcement. Its been a bumper past which they now expect to 'normalise'. Macquarie is more optimistic thinking they can match the 2022 growth with a combination of organic and acquisitive growth saying strong agricultural conditions continue into this year. The full-year numbers beat their expectations up 39%. They forecast $218m this year down from $232m. Elders broker recommendations  
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Elders has strong financials; earnings show positive growth year on year this year but the story is in the numbers - growth reverrts to zero after a very strong year. Rural stocks like ELD are highly seasonal. Whilst they have celebrated a great year, it never lasts 'in the country' in Australia. Dividend growth was strong, and ROE averages approximately 17%. Elders is a strong-value stock with a current PE of 10.6x. The departure of the CEO has clearly shaken the market, but they have given themselves plenty of time to find a suitable replacement, and it is very doubtful that anything will actually change internally. Elders stock box  


The Forward PE history is in blue. The 5 year average is 13.3x. It has just dropped to 10.4x. Looks 'cheap'. Lowest PE in years. Elders PE history  


The sell-off yesterday was seismic and Henry was right - it is technically oversold in the short term having dropped from the top to the bottom of a well established long term trading range. Elders limited ordinary chart  


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