We have been developing a series of articles that will in time become an Education Course. We are doing Beginners first. It is designed to help new Members learn about the stock-market. This is being developed incrementally week by week, you can find them in the “Articles” section of the newsletter.

We have made available the first six in the series:

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The Education courses are being developed by one of our team members Ben O’Leary. Ben has a plan and a schedule for releasing the content but if you have any suggestions, please contact him on email by clicking HERE



Jxxxx Ixxxxx

I attended the Education day ‘Stock Picking for the Active investor’ and recommend it to anyone wanting to get a better insight in what to be aware of in investing. Marcus has a no-nonsense approach in his communication style and is able to answer queries as they arise in a constructive way for everyone. I came away looking forward to putting in place many of the ideas raised.
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Pxxxx Gxxxxxx

If you are serious about getting the most out of your share portfolio then this course is a must. We all think we know when to buy and when to sell, but we so often stuff it up. Marcus course gives you a disciplined and objective framework for making these decisions and much more. All delivered in an interesting format with anecdotes and humour to keep your attention.
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Gxxx Mxxxx

I have been with the Marcus Team since 2012 After attending Marcus’s first advanced stock picking workshop and all I can say is ‘Classic Marcus’ – He doesn’t pull the punches, tell you as it is. You can leave this workshop with a clear understanding of what is really happening in the market place. Marcus gives you a systematic gain an edge. Thanks Marcus for an enlightening event.