A Brave New World On Its Way

Talking to my friends over the last few days/weeks has seen many different conversations emerge. Some optimistic, some filled with anxiety others completely unrelated to the fast-evolving zeitgeist we have found ourselves in. What is undeniable and a common thread of all the short, long and complicated conversations has been the feeling of change. A…

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The tortoise outpacing the dolphin

Tortoises and Dolphins

A lot of my university friends have landed jobs in the health professions. Doctors, physios, paramedics, osteopaths. Not sure why, it’s just dropped that way. Useful for a 25-year old that’s been thrown off their parent’s private health policy. Muscle injuries, sore backs, medical advice, Hepatitis A, B, C. no problem. They are never short…

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Rental Tips

I catch the same train to work as two of my colleagues, we walk around 10min from the station to work and often enjoy a good catch up about how the weekend unfolded, who broke up, who went home together, what wholesome activities we got up to? Farmers market, drive down the coast? It’s a…

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I Drive a Mondeo

My brother and I have shared a 2012 ford Mondeo (diesel) for the last 4-years. The car in the picture on the right is not the Mondeo, it is our friend Jared, who put this car on Carsales.com with the tag line – “Only used for school pickups”. Everyone has their own advice on cars.…

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Smashed Avocado

I Like Smashed Avocado

Family Christmas lunches provide a range of entertainment. This year was no exception. From eccentric aunties discussing their timeshare purchase, to the excitement of a 3-month old baby cousin being introduced to their extended family for the first time. Then there was that nice glass of Penfolds that spilt on the new couch and wayward…

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Rich Tom Poor Tom

One more day until the Christmas holidays. Well, for most people, the Marcus Today desk will of course be operating. “Whenever the market is open we’re open” says Marcus. Blimey. This is my third year working with Marcus and the Team and as tradition has it, before we all head off to the annual Christmas…

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Tom Wegner surfing around the Mentawai islands in Indonesia

Life at 25

Tom Wegner It’s a pleasure to write for you all this morning, my name is Tom and I have been working alongside Marcus, Henry and Chris for 3-years now (I do all the hard work, they take all the glory). I am 25 and I live with my twin brother Liam. At the moment I…

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