American FAANG Stocks

Making America Great Again

Making America Great Again I’m not sure about the ‘again’ bit.  It seems to me that America has never lost its supremacy. That’s not due to successive Presidents but to the amazing innovation and aggressive marketing of so many American companies. I’m sitting writing this edition of Retirement Today on my MacBook Pro laptop.  It’s…

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The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game Waiting is boring. It’s particularly boring for anyone who likes to be active, making things happen, making decisions, seeing the consequences. Waiting is a passive activity not suited to the sort of people who are likely to run their own SMSF or investment folio. Having been convinced that a significant market correction…

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Retirement Today: Non Existence

The question of existence has fascinated students of philosophy for centuries.  In the fifteenth century Rene Descartes produced the famous philosophical conclusion “cogito ergo sum”.  Or in English “I think therefore I am”.  My wife has been thinking a lot of late, particularly about the Tax Office web site.  She’s been talking to them too,…

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Why Bother

I was studying the latest edition of Marcus Today whilst on holiday when my son asked what I was reading.  Then came the question, “why do you bother?”  Why not invest in some EFTs or in a managed fund and save yourself a lot of time and worry? I’ve been asked that question before and…

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The Golden Nest egg for your grandchildren

Retirement Today: Grandkids Folio

Grandkids Folio. It was fascinating to read Henrys response to the ‘Ask Henry’ question about setting up a folio for a grandchild. We’ve ‘been there and done that’ and can totally support Henry’s advice. We set up a folio for our grandchildren quite some time ago. We looked at structures where they would be joint…

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