I wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for a somewhat life changing few years.

Pre Covid19, we were ravaged by drought and then bushfires. We had to make the hard call and destock our cattle farm due to lack of feed. A very sad day and one a lot of farmers endured in 2019. We sold our entire herd for a tenth of their value. Our calves sold for $10 each – less than the price of 3 avocados at Coles that same day. I decided to invest the money from that day’s sale ($30K all up) and subscribed to your newsletter which you very kindly offered at a discount. The money we have made from that investment has enabled us to restock our farm (at much inflated rates I might add – cattle are now $10 per kilo). So we are kind of back to where we started – but would never have been able to do so without your investment strategies, encouragement, honesty and above all, a wicked sense of humour.

Thank you so much.