Love your work! …. multiple reasons
1. Education that helps me do a better job eg I carry Marcus SELL missive from 2015(?) in my notebook, use the stock ATR numbers per stock in my spreadsheet and finally understood candles from the article earlier this year. IE gives me the tools!!!
2. Specific stock ideas to test what fits with my portfolio and objectives.
This includes Buy Hold Sell, Henry’s small stock portfolio ( I would never find these ideas elsewhere eg PNV) and understanding the ideas and structure in the growth, top50, and income portfolios. The ideas are really valuable.
Prompts me to do more research.
3. What’s happening in stock announcements and some ideas around movements albeit just a large fund mgr selling however what’s facts or just momentum.
Some context on specific stocks and the overall market.
4. BTW I have a LinkedIn account but never a Facebook account. However I opened a Facebook account just to get the Marcus stock discussions. Jury out however it demonstrates the power of your brand!