There is no silver bullet to guarantee returns from the market. There are too many variables that are out of investors’ control.

That is why we focus on the one thing that you can control – the decisions that you make.

Having an investment newsletter by your side can help you to develop a decision-making process, provide education, and give you access to more research and experience than is freely available.

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It is because of you that I get to feel like a very smart investor who has done very well lately. Despite the old adage that a rising tide lifts all boats, if it wasn’t for my investment in becoming an MT member, I would not be looking back on the last 3-6 months with as much pleasure as I am now (from an investment perspective of course – Covid has been a real s***show). Thank you.” – P.H 30/11/20

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Our members use these resources to even the playing field and get real results like this member below:

I stumbled upon the Marcus Today Newsletter and subscribed for 1 month at $85 (and will definitely be renewing my subscription)..following Marcus’ advice I have made $60,000 in the last 2 weeks (although I regret not going all in as Marcus suggested). I would never of made those investments without this newsletter and so for me that $85 investment has so far returned 70,588%! Not bad!” – Tim. S 18/4/20

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Thank you MT team… once again, your Newsletter & candid assessments have more than paid for the ‘cost’ of subscription. Our Super Fund sold BHP today, 2 parcels bought in April & May 2020. ‘Risk’ is up there, as noted by MT today – we were sitting on 45% gain. Why sit like a chook on an egg?  Inertia!  Capital Gain plus 2 cash dividends & imputation credits have given us in total a 55.7% gain in about a year. Enough to pay 2x annual Term Life policies for 2 of our 4 Fund members, plus the Fine Art Insurance renewal, with some left over & original capital back in the bank.  A self-funded retirement means having funds at the right time to pay regular expenses. Your Newsletter helps us do that. Thank you SO MUCH.” – E.B 28/4/2021

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I subscribe to Marcus Today because it has made me a fortune, getting out at the top and telling me when to start buying. What more could anyone want?” – J.F 06/04/20