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Who is Marcus Today?

Founded in 1998 by stockbroker Marcus Padley, Marcus Today has grown from a daily note to clients into a leading independent stock market newsletter, with in-depth company research and recommendations, financial market analysis and commentary, trading and technical ideas and model portfolios. The Marcus Today culture of “telling it as it is” has translated into model portfolios which have outperformed the “average” index return due to our superior stock picking and an unbiased and high-conviction approach to portfolio management.

Marcus Today is part of the MTIS Private Wealth, one of Australia’s leading privately owned financial advisory groups, dedicated to empowering clients and their families to build intergenerational wealth through Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) and Family Office advice, comprehensive strategic advice and technical excellence.

What is the difference between a Marcus Today SMA vs a Managed Fund?

Marcus Today SMA Traditional Managed Fund
You are the beneficial owner of a direct share portfolio You own units in a pooled fund of investments
You retain your individual status regarding capital gains tax You are exposed to inheriting the capital gains of
other fund members
All franking credits accrue to you personally Franking credits are shared between all unit holders
You can customise and diversify your share portfolio The fund’s manager determines your entire portfolio
You can access online reports with all the information you need on your portfolio 24/7 The fund’s reports are generally issued annually

Who makes the investment decisions?

The Marcus Today team, headed by Marcus Padley, constantly monitors the model portfolio and makes changes as they are required. The investment strategy involves a combination of approaches to identify attractive companies and their suitability for portfolio inclusion, including:

  • fundamental stock analysis, with particular focus on return on equity, future earnings growth and relative valuations (PE relative to historical and peer group).
  • consideration of a “quality” rating through features such as management quality and track record, corporate governance, balance sheet management, company direction and market sentiment.
  • macroeconomic and thematic influences, including the global growth environment,
    industry structure and position in the investment cycle and investment “themes”. (E.g. the search for yield).
  • technical analysis – Marcus Today uses a technical overlay to assist in timing the entry into a stock which has already met fundamental, quality and thematic filters. Marcus Today also use technical features to monitor the position and help time any exit.

What are the investment options?

There are two Model portfolios:

  • Marcus Today SMA (MT001)
  • Marcus Today Equity Income SMA (MT002)

Refer to the SMA Fact Sheet for further details one each of the model portfolios.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

Yes, there is a $50,000 minimum investment per SMA model portfolio.

Can I choose not to hold a particular stock?

Your account can be customised through security substitution, which allows you to avoid acquiring securities that either you do not wish to hold, or you already have exposure to outside of the SMA.

Note, if you choose to customise your account, it may not perform in the same manner as the actual Model Portfolio due to the different nature of the holdings.

Can I make additional investments into the portfolio?

Yes, either as a one-off investment, or by setting up a regular contribution plan via direct debit.

Can I use a Margin Loan to invest?

No, not at this time.

Can I make withdrawals?

Yes, at any time without a penalty or withdrawal fee. Withdrawals can be in the form of cash, or in-specie transfer out (in-specie transfer fee may apply).

How are dividends paid?

Unless specified otherwise income and dividends received will be paid into your cash holding within your Account, and used for future investment during the portfolio rebalancing process (subject to the minimum trade size being achieved).

You have the option to nominate an external linked bank account, and have your income and dividends paid into the nominated bank account monthly.

How are fees and expenses paid?

Fees and expenses are paid from the cash holding within your Account on a monthly basis. You have the option to nominate an external linked bank account to setup a direct debit facility, to top up your cash holding each time a fee payment is made. This is known as “fee offset”. Instead of nominating a set amount per month, your nominated account will be debited for the exact amount of the month’s fees.

What are the adviser fees?

There are no Adviser fees.

What happens if the cash account balance falls below 1% or there are insufficient funds to pay fees and expenses?

If at any time the cash balance in your Account falls below the required minimum 1% holding balance, additional securities will be sold (or purchases reduced) pro-rata across your Account (subject to the minimum holding locks). Alternatively, you can elect to top-up your cash holding from your nominated bank account.

How are corporate actions dealt with?

The Responsible Entity for the Marcus Today SMA, Praemium Australia Ltd will receive communications relating to Corporate Actions affecting the securities held in your Account. Praemium Australia Ltd will act in the best interests of investors in the Marcus Today SMA as a whole, but will generally not be obliged to act on any individual investor’s directions.

How can I track the performance of my portfolio?

Portfolio reporting is available online 24/7 via your Investor Portal where you are able to view your current holdings, cash account and security transactions, tax positions, brokerage, and fees and other charges deducted from the account. You will be given login access at the creation of your SMA account.

At financial year-end you will be able to access an annual report and summary of all these items to assist you with the preparation of your tax return.

How do I invest in the Marcus Today SMA?

Apply online or request a paper appliation from the SMA Team scan and send it back. For more information or assistance email or call 0428 062 327.