We have all heard the stories of the person who bought CSL at $20, APT at $5, or A2M at $1 and achieved a monster return on their investment. These kinds of returns can be life changing but this is not the only way to construct a growth portfolio. There are plenty of growing companies out there, all at various stages of development. Our goal is to identify those with the best prospects, at the best price.

What we prefer is to ‘buy and watch’, ‘buy and don’t get too comfortable, or ‘buy and be ready to act’. Buy and hold is not a strategy that will work for growth stocks. One needs to be a little more active. That’s where we come in. We scour the market every day, using a combination of fundamental and technical analysis to identify our best growth stock ideas.



To assist in managing an equity portfolio, read Marcus’ Strategy in the midday newsletter update or listen to his Daily Strategy Podcast

This is where Marcus shares his thoughts about the current state of the market, the threats, and opportunities, and how the team is managing the Marcus Today Growth and Income Portfolios in the newsletter.

Marcus also includes and educational element to his section, explaining jargon, indicators, fundamentals, charts, other resources.



To understand how to put together a portfolio of stocks, follow our Marcus Today Model Portfolios – Growth & Income.

The model portfolios are the core of what we do. They are where all our analysis (both fundamental and technical), reading, discussions, debate and decision-making are crystallised into actionable outcomes. Along with Marcus’ Strategy, they are how we pass messages about the market. They are where the rubber meets the road.

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If you are looking to add a bit more excitement to your portfolio, login and read Henry’s Take in the midday newsletter update or listen to his On the Couch Podcast each Saturday, where he speaks with some of the big names in the industry.

Henry’s Take is where Henry Jennings gives his take on the action. This section looks at Small Caps and Mid-Caps together with tech, biotechs, strategy pieces’ and education. The recommendations are generally more speculative and may not appeal to everyone.



If you are wanting to invest more actively, this is the section for you.

It provides daily monitored trading ideas that provide a more aggressive, shorter-term focus than the portfolios – although it is certainly not day trading.

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Connect and safely discuss stocks within a community of like-minded investors that are willing to share and help each other. MT analysts, Henry Jennings and Chris Conway interact with members and answer their questions about the market – there are no silly questions.

Henry also runs a live Ask the Analyst Session every Friday at 5pm in the Facebook group where members can ask anything they like. The answers are provided in real-time, so it is always fast, furious and fun.




In the BUY HOLD SELL section we take a deep-dive into stocks of interest, utilising the unique Marcus Today research style.

The analysis in this section also supports the stock selection in the MT Growth and MT Income Portfolios.

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Navigating the stock market can be daunting without the proper financial education. Our education program is ideal in helping you familiarise and up-skill your financial knowledge.

Enhance your learning through our range of e-books, online courses (coming soon) and live events (resuming in 2021).




Marcus Today has a range of resources and tools for all investors.

Our three most popular include:

Stock Box

All Ordinaries Spreadsheet

Dividend Predictor



Prefer a more hands-off approach? Let us do the work for you. To make life simple Marcus Today have established Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) which allow Members to invest with us. Take the hassle out of managing your finances, whilst retaining all the benefits of a professionally managed fund.

Consider our growth or income SMAs and Marcus can invest for you.



The Marcus Today team write weekly articles designed to help members navigate the intricacies of the stock market. For our most recent articles follow our editor’s choice page.

Two of our most popular articles for a growth investor are featured here for your perusal.