On the couch - July 2020
Marcus Today on the couch

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On the Couch with Henry Jennings and Andrew Weilandt 

This week on the couch Henry has an old buddy Andrew Weilandt from DP Wealth Advisory in Toowoomba. Some of you will have seen Andrew on the TV, he is a regular guest on Ausbiz and used to do shows with Henry at Sky Biz and Yourmoney. Andrew is the managing partner at DP and is always great value with an in-depth knowledge of equities, ETFs and portfolio management. DP has over half a billion dollars under advice/management. Enjoy Andrew’s easy style as he banters with Henry over stocks and the market.

On the Couch with Henry Jennings and BNPL Analyst Jonathon Higgins

This week on the Couch Henry hosts a very topical analyst from Shaw & Partners – Jonathon Higgins who covers the Consumer Discretionary and Information Technology sector which includes the very topical Buy Now Pay Later sector as well as stocks exposed to Cloud Computing. Jonathon joined Shaw and Partners in July 2017 as an Analyst in the Small-Cap team. Jonathon previously worked as an equities research analyst at Bell Potter Securities for 2 years in both a research and research dealing role, covering industrial and technology focused companies. Jonathon holds a Bachelor of Science (Civil Systems) from the University of Melbourne and a Master of Commerce (Finance) from RMIT University.


On the Couch with Henry Jennings and Kerry Stevenson

On the Couch with Henry this week is Kerry Stevenson –  Kerry is the founder of the Gold and Alternative Investments Conference as well as her new you tube channel of the same name. Kerry is passionate about helping people understand the gold and precious metals sector as well as looking at other alternative investments. She emphasises that she is not a qualified financial planner rather someone who is always continuing to learn from the best.

You can download her ebook on gold here: https://www.goldevent.com.au/

You can subscribe to her youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/GoldandAlternativeInvestments

On the Couch talking ETFs with Henry Jennings is Sara Allen of ETF Securities

This week On the Couch Henry talks ETFs with the Head of Content at ETF Securities Sara Allen. Sara is responsible for content creation and curation for ETF Securities. She has more than 10 years of experience in content and marketing across investments, superannuation, insurance and financial advice. Prior to joining ETF Securities in December 2019, Sara held content and marketing roles at BT Financial Group, Macquarie Group and DDB Sydney. Sara has a Bachelor of Art – Psychology from Macquarie University.

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