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Who should subscribe - It is designed for people who make their own Australian listed stock decisions.

Is the newsletter for investors - Yes, the core of the newsletter is the narrative around our three portfolios and the focus is on picking and timing stocks. The portfolios are performance monitored long term portfolios that focus on the top end of the market with a selection of small and mid-cap holdings - the portfolios include:


Is the newsletter for Traders - Yes, we have a section called IDEA OF THE DAY which provides daily monitored trading ideas using stop losses. This section includes a more technical overlay and, in so doing, not only delivers trading ideas but is also designed to educate Members about trading and trading techniques.

How is the Marcus Today newsletter delivered - We send three emails a day - MARCUS PRE-MARKET, MARCUS MIDDAY and MARCUS END OF DAY. We also produce a weekend email called MARCUS WEEKEND. Otherwise Marcus Today is a web-based newsletter - all content is online and you can opt out of the emails. Members can log in at any time from early morning to access our ideas and opinion.

What time is the Marcus Today newsletter available - We start populating the web-based content with information, opinion and ideas half an hour after the US market close which varies through the year between 6:30am to 8:30am. Otherwise the PRE-MARKET email is delivered around 9:30am, the MIDDAY snaps the market at 12pm and is delivered by 12:30pm, the END OF DAY email arrives around 5pm.

What content is provided in the Marcus Today newsletter daily - We have a number of regular sections as below:

  • OVERNIGHT INFORMATION - A summary of the main overnight prices, events and points of interest. This is mostly information - we are condensing a lot of information in one spot to save you time and explain and educate.
  • DIARY - This includes a diary of events, a summary of the day's announcements with our commentary, a section covering any interesting broker research that day with target prices and recommendations.
  • MARCUS MIDDAY - This is the main drawcard for many Members, it is Marcus's daily section which includes stock comments and ideas although it can and does stray anywhere - it is designed to be uniquely honest, interesting, inciteful and thought-provoking.
  • BUY HOLD SELL - Four times a week we take a good look at a stock of interest in our unique research style.
  • HENRYS TAKE - This section is written by Henry Jennings, picks up on strategy and market themes and includes a small company portfolio which is Henry's passion.
  • IDEA OF THE DAY - This section presents an idea a day which can vary from a market theme to daily monitored trading ideas and includes an education in technical analysis and trading techniques.
  • PORTFOLIO SNAPSHOT - This weekly section (Friday) reports on the holdings, changes and performance of our three main portfolios.
  • DIARY NEXT WEEK - Another weekly (Friday) section preparing you for the events and action in the week ahead.
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY - A daily quote of relevance and interest to investors.
  • MARCUS WEEKEND - Sent on Saturday morning it includes a look at overnight events in the US, a summary of the Australian market in the last week, a look at the week ahead, a weekend article, easy links to recent articles, and much more. A weekend read. If you are an investor rather than a trader then this is your once a week one-stop shop.
  • END OF DAY REPORT - We email this to our Members daily and make it available on the website as well - it includes a concentrated synopsis of the market prices and events of the day in an easily digestible hit. If you are logging in once a day after the close then this is all you need. It includes our unique MARKET MAP as well as the year and day highs and lows, the outlook for the international markets for the night ahead, a summary of the day's newsletter, with links, as well as a synopsis of the day's announcements and a list of the best and worst performers on the day.

Some newsletters provide a lot of data on stocks, what does Marcus Today provide - We have some fabulous resources for investors. These include:

  • Our famous STOCK BOX. All the numbers you need to know on both Australian and US companies provided in our unique STOCK BOX format - a tool that is used by professional fund managers and brokers as well as our Members.
  • The ALL ORDS SPREADSHEET - All the numbers on all 500 All Ordinaries companies presented in one sortable excel spreadsheet updated weekly. It is sortable and includes technical as well as fundamental data. Some subscriptions that are twice the price of Marcus Today do little more than provide this very same data in a fancy website. As a Marcus Today Member this is included as a matter of routine.
  • MOST SHORTED STOCKS - We provide an analysis of the ASIC data on the most shorted stocks every Wednesday.
  • DIVIDENDS - Updated daily we keeping a running spreadsheet of due dividends including yields and franking information as well as ex-date and pay date.
  • A WEEKLY DIARY - All the events both economic and corporate for the week ahead.

What else does the Marcus Today newsletter provide - Our mission statement is to "Educate, Explain, Inform and Entertain" - we have a uniquely open and honest writing style and are known for telling it as it is.

  • LIBRARY - We provide regular articles that are available in our library as part of your Membership.
  • ASK MARCUS TODAY - Have a question? Send us an email and we will answer it.

MARCUS TODAY also provides as separate businesses:

Would you like to be contacted by someone from the team? Please email: info@marcustoday.com.au                 


Marcus Padley MAppFin, LLB, MSAA - marcustoday.com.au

Marcus is the Founder and Director of Marcus Today, Marcus Today Investment Strategists (a financial planning business), Marcus Today Education and Marcus Today Funds Management now with 25 employees based out of Melbourne. Marcus Padley authors the Marcus Today stock market newsletter aimed at helping individual investors manage their investments. He is also the author of the book "Stock Market Secrets" providing investors with the candid truth about managing your own investments. Marcus is best known for his appearances on the ABC TV and Radio as well as for his “Tell it as it is” weekly articles about everything to do with the stock market. His articles are published in The Age, the Sydney Morning Herald, the West Australian, Money Magazine, Livewire and the Canberra Times both in print and online. Marcus is also a stockbroker and has been advising institutional clients and a private client base for over 37 years.

Marcus has a Masters in Applied Finance degree from Macquarie University, a Law degree from Southampton University in England and is a Prize winner in Applied Portfolio Management. Born a Yorkshireman he emigrated to Melbourne in 1994 as the souvenir of his Australian wife Emma's visit to London. He is 57 with three daughters and a son. Marcus is a Black Belt in Karate, a regular golfer, windsurfs and rides motorcycles. You can trial the newsletter for free by CLICKING HERE