our process

Our Process

For all people whether professionals, business or retirees, financial planning is the key to building and maintaining a secure financial future. Through our proprietary Marcus Today Investment Strategists Blueprint Process, we apply our working knowledge in each of the following areas to provide specialist advice and sound strategies to help our clients achieve their financial and lifestyle goals.

Initial Consultation

At the initial meeting we take the time to get to know you and ascertain what is utmost importance to you. Through our Value Based Consulting we analyse your current situation and identify your desired goals. We uncover any structural or financial impediments to achieving your goals and provide broad strategy options for you to pursue further. Subsequent to the first meeting, a comprehensive analysis and strategic advice will be presented to you at your second meeting. The initial consultation is at Investment Strategists expense, it is no cost to you.


Following your first consultation meeting, we will provide you with minutes of meeting summarising our discussion at the initial meeting, confirming your financial details and your objectives. We send the minutes along with a ‘Letter of Engagement’ that lists the areas we will be addressing and our fee for service. On acceptance of our services, we commence collating information and constructing strategy recommendations taking into account all facets of a comprehensive and tailored plan.

Advice Strategy Presentation

We will contact you to arrange a meeting to present our strategic advice and recommendations via a Statement of Advice (SOA).Within the advice document, you will find a detailed analysis of your current position, followed by a tailored strategy; with a focus on the correct structure and strategies to improve your financial position. 

Strategy Implementation

Once you have decided to proceed with our strategy recommendations, we commence the implementation of our advice. We begin with establishing the structure decided upon and implement the strategies recommended, attend to all the relevant documentation and activate the smooth transition to your new strategy.

Portfolio Construction

The first and most important stage of constructing your portfolio is to understand your short, medium and long-term objectives. Subsequently, careful consideration is given to the mix of assets best used to meet your strategy. This will be different for every client. We focus on what income you need to draw from your portfolio, the time frame you intend to invest for and your investment experience. We also take into account our assessment of your attitude towards investment volatility. Your portfolio will be presented and discussed with you in detail prior to implementation.

Ongoing Services

Once the implementation is complete, we activate our ongoing services. We provide you a 24/7 access to view your portfolio; we record your preferred communication medium to receive our weekly newsletters and relevant information such as legislative changes and/or announcements. We set up a list of tasks that ensure we deliver the services promised to you as well as efficient management and administration of your portfolio.

Unless there are circumstances that need to be addressed prior, we will contact you for your review meeting within 6 - 12 months from implementation of our recommendations. It is important to attend the review meeting(s) in order to monitor the progress of your strategy implemented and to ensure it continues to be aligned to your goals and objectives. Flexibility is an important component of our advice, as we understand that circumstances can change so the plan in place needs to adapt and change accordingly. 

Accounting and Compliance Services

We work with a fully integrated SMSF compliance solution to provide you with an end-to-end service and lodgement of your SMSF tax return eliminating the need for third-party software integration.

We will also assist you and your family with the preparation and lodgement of your individual tax returns.

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