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23 May 2024

The ASX 200 falls 36 points to 7812 (0.5%) off the session lows as defensives rallied hard. NASDAQ futures improved helped by Nvidia results a positive. Healthcare and supermarkets… 3 min read

Trading Section

23 May 2024

SUMMARY Was stopped out of JLG yesterday. Sold at $5.68. Disappointing performance. LNAS bet looks to start paying off. Nvidia up 6% afterhours. Time will… 3 min read

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Nexgen Energy – Uranium Stock Take 2

3 May 2024

After looking into Boss Energy (BOE) on Wednesday we are seeing what NexGen Energy (NXG) has to offer. NXG is a Canadian company listed on…

Boss Energy – Uranium Stock Take

1 May 2024

We are looking at increasing our uranium exposure today after having such success in PDN. The bullish market showing no signs of slowing as spot…

Resmed Results Wake Investors Up

26 Apr 2024

Resmed (RMD) results – Is trading up 11% afterhours in the US and up 6.7% on the ASX as results beat consensus expectations by 9%.…


Our primary objective is to maximise returns by capitalising on upward market trends, while minimising the impact of regular and significant corrections on your investments.

We strive to strategically navigate the market, aiming to be fully invested during favourable times while actively avoiding downturns.

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 S&P/ASX 200


-36.30 (-0.46%)

23 May 2024

Open: 7,848.10 High: 7,848.10
Low: 7,764.60 Prev close: 7,848.10
52-wk high: 7,910.30 52-wk low: 6,751.30

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We saw our son off to the Australian Army yesterday. Here is an article that addresses the priorities in life. Suits the moment.


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