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Marcus Weekend

20 Apr 2024

When our market closed yesterday, the Israeli strike on Isfahan had the market fearing a three-sided War in the Middle East (Israel, Iran, Syria) that… 10 min read

Henry’s Weekend Take

20 Apr 2024

THE WEEK THAT WAS Well, that was brutal! It could have been worse, but still down 2.8% for the week. As Edwin Starr sang, ‘War,… 15 min read

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Webjet – Flies 9% On Strategy Day

22 Mar 2024

Webjet (WEB) held its Strategy Day investor presentation yesterday. Well received by the market, the share price spiked 9.2% after rising 14% already this month…


Our primary objective is to maximise returns by capitalising on upward market trends, while minimising the impact of regular and significant corrections on your investments.

We strive to strategically navigate the market, aiming to be fully invested during favourable times while actively avoiding downturns.

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 S&P/ASX 200


-74.80 (-0.98%)

19 Apr 2024

Open: 7,642.10 High: 7,642.10
Low: 7,492.60 Prev close: 7,642.10
52-wk high: 7,910.30 52-wk low: 6,751.30

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Investors vs Traders

Ask the average person how to invest in the stock market and you will get one of two answers. Fundamental analysis or technical analysis.

Don’t Worry About Beating the Market

Individual investors can march to the beat of their own drum, giving them a significant advantage over professionals. It is a simple question and goes…


When it comes to the stock market, there are rallies, and then there are bubbles. The most colourful of all bubbles: Tulipmania.


Birth of the Stock Market

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'Best' is a difficult description for ETFs, although Marcus Padley does take note of two things: Market cap and whether it's active or passive.

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Marcus Padley addresses post-workshop queries, offering guidance on investment strategies, ETFs, and optimising your super for long-term success.

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There are income stocks, and there are stocks with high yields. So, which company do you buy if you want income from the stock market?