On the Couch with Gemma Dale Nabtrade

Talking Investor behaviour and Retail flows with Gemma Dale Nabtrade.

Transcript - click here This week I have turned the tables on Gemma Dale from Nabtrade and I get to ask the questions and Gemma gets to do the talking. For those of you who are not familiar with Gemma, she is the director of SMSF and investor behaviour at Nabtrade. Gemma is also a popular contributor to Ausbiz and host of a very popular series of podcasts. In this episode we discuss what retails investors are doing in the market? Which stocks are in vogue? How the Buy the Dip mentality is alive and well and why volumes are fading a little as the market heads higher. We finish with the best advice Gemma was ever given. By her Dad and it holds true. Smart man.  
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