on the desk

On the Desk

‘On The Desk’ gives you court-side access to what the Marcus Today team are talking about each week. In this new podcast, Australian Equities Analyst Tom Wegner is joined by Co-Portfolio Managers Ben O’Leary and Chris Conway to unpack what’s got them excited, concerned, or curious in the market. If you have ever wondered what it is like on the other side of the newsletter, then this podcast is for you.


The On the Desk boys – Chris, Ben, and Tom – have their bet in place. Whoever endures the worst performance for their stocks over the coming 12 months, has to buy the other two lunch. The picks are based on Marcus’ idea of the One Stock Portfolio, expanded to one stock from each sector. Make sure to tune in to future podcasts to see what the rest of the picks will be and, no doubt, for running commentary on who is winning. Game on!

  • The tables above track the performance of the sector picks for each player – Chris, Ben and Tom
  • The entry price is taken as the opening price on the day the recommendation is made
  • The performance is tracked by measuring the percentage return on a nominal $10,000 invested in each stock
  • Performance tracking is for illustrative purposes only
  • Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future return
  • The Marcus Today team are not suggesting that this is a suitable idea for a portfolio
  • We are simply tracking the favourite stock in each sector of the players, the idea for which is based on the One Stock Portfolio – as discussed by Marcus in this article