On the Couch with Greg Hall CEO Alligator Energy talking Uranium and AGE

Transcript - click here In this episode, Henry is speaking with Greg Hall the CEO of Alligator Energy (AGE). AGE is an Australian, ASX-listed, exploration company focused on uranium and energy related minerals, principally cobalt-nickel. Greg has 30+ years experience in uranium and other mine management, uranium / nuclear fuel marketing and CEO roles. Management roles at WMC Olympic Dam & nickel mines. Greg talks through the fundamentals of the uranium market, where prices are heading and why Alligator Energy (AGE) has an exciting future. It Samphire project in SA is the focal point in the short term with some good catalysts in the near future. For investors interested in this commodity and the 'greenification' of the planet, together with the new nuclear power technology, this podcast will give you some great insights.

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