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As a small business owner and share investor Marcus today gives me valuable information on individual shares and sectors. And also a good summary of the macro picture of Australia and the world. It certainly helps guide my future investment decisions in many respects.

L*** B***

I have 4 1/2 years of active investing under my belt and have tried several services. Marcus Today is the best of these. Lots of information (market, company specific), normally quite astute and sensible market commentary, bringing our attention to new opportunities, managing trades, and all the pyscho stuff in amiable articles. And at a reasonable price.

J*** N***

Easy. No bull. No crap. No hassle

C*** W***

Did 18.1% this year and your honest and frank talking helped me do it. Don’t stray.

B*** K***

I respect your qualifications and experience.  I feel I know you and trust you are offering the best advice compatible with your business safeguard objectives. I need your advice and stock decisions to help me make my Buy and Sell decisions. Sometimes to my advantage and sometimes not to my benefit. I followed Henry’s advice with some success….

L*** S***

I have subscribed to your newsletter for a few years now and enjoy the daily no nonsense information and commentary that you provide.
The newsletter is helpful in reinforcing one’s own views on the market, provides some very useful tips, helps us to avoid some pitfalls and is a good read. I would now feel lost without it.  Keep up the good work and don’t mess about too much with a tried and tested format.

C*** G***

Marcus Today supports my information management and supplies a real world view that is often difficult to find elsewhere. Marcus Today often provides insights from a different perspective that I can use to add to my stock selection processes. I like the humour and, while the sales content is extant (as it must be, of course) I don’t get the feeling that sales are the only real purpose for the site to exist. There is a genuineness to the content that gives me confidence that Marcus Today is trustworthy.

R*** Hod***

I used to subscribe and had to divert my cash to other activity so had a 5 year hiatus from the ASX. I came back in because I have some spare cash and rather than be told what to buy (everybody loves a sure thing…) I wanted something that would educate me and help me make my own good decisions. That’s what I liked last time about the newsletter, and the additional tools you’ve introduced.

R*** H***

Knowing that I can invest with confidence over a wide range of small-mid cap stocks, that have potential for upside and investing for dividends long-term.

C*** B***

The newsletter is beneficial because it has improved our performance immensely since subscribing in the distant past.

M*** P***