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If I had to summarise the reasons for success, I would say well priced; common sense with a bit of humour as a personal touch. MT provides age related knowledge and experience from Marcus and Henry that is not possible to replicate.

L** Mc****

Your trade table in the morning and lunchtime allows avid followers of Marcus Today to trade with you and copy you on your actions and thoughts. In fact without running the sums I’m sure if you followed that trade for trade it would pay for your subscription alone – after tax as well – plus still have some left over…I think the main thing is for Marcus Today is the personal level of contact you can provide people. I attended one of your seminars in Perth a year or two ago and was very impressed and I also email Henry every now and then and he is very prompt at replying. Your insiders and facebook page have now allowed members to connect with your team and with each other and to date I think has been very successful.

J**** G****

I subscribe to your newsletter because you have proven to me that I can trust your no-nonsense approach. (You) help eliminate ‘noise’ from the market in making decisions (and) provide a wide variety of information, education and advice, all with a good balance of philosophy and humour. You have the members’ share market standing at the forefront.

I*** W***

I have learned and continue to learn to be much more disciplined in my SMSF portfolio management AND to hear another voice separate from my full-service broker/advisor. I now feel that I manage them, rather than they manage me.

J*** S***

Great newsletters – keep calling it as it is – no BS. Love the updated news, overnight & daily updates of world financial events & business news — that can affect markets. Love the charts and explanations. The Facebook forum is a is a great innovation > love the ‘no dickheads’ policy

D*** T***

Got burnt a bit by smart arses (in the past) so why I continue to re-subscribe is because you and your team have honesty and integrity, a rare commodity it seems in this world.

I*** N***

Initially I subscribed after reading your newspaper articles and seeing you on the ABC over a number of years, realising that ‘he thinks like me’, no fluff, to the point with a bit of humour. What I like about the newsletter is that your team does the initial work, alerts me to stocks I probably wouldn’t read about, and then I do my own analysis and before making a decision. This I enjoy but it also gives me more time for other endeavours.

D*** R***

Essentially a place I can go to get everything I need that is stock related… I really like seeing how you manage the growth portfolio. In particular, what stocks you are adding and why… I also enjoy the humour both Marcus and Henry inject into the newsletter.

N*** R***

I like the “down to earth, tell it like it is” language of Marcus Today as well as a wealth of information and daily updates (3 times a day) which keep me well informed.

M*** R***

Why I subscribe is to go to ONE SITE and get ALL the information I require news and world events in brief. What’s happening stockwise as well. I like the simplicity of the layout.  And one thing I dislike are price movements shown in percentages, real dollars and cents are what you put in the bank.  Keep up the good work and you keep my subscription.

T*** L***