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Saturday, 6 Jun 2020
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20 Ways to Beat the Herd

The Growth Portfolio we manage for our investors and Members ($55m) has outperformed over the COVID-19 outbreak. For us COVID-19 was not a disaster, the volatility it caused proved to be a fabulous opportunity instead. And as the market fell over on Thursday and Friday last week (11th and 12th June 2020) we see another fabulous opportunity beginning - and as of Friday, we are "All out".

The Marcus Today Growth SMA as of 10/6/2020 had outperformed the ASX 300 Accumulation benchmark by 26.87% since the coronavirus hit on February 20. It was up 19.19% in a year when the All ordinaries is down 4% and was up 36.61% from the bottom on March 24. It is now in 100% cash. 

How have we outperformed? And why have we locked it in? At the risk of letting out

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