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Marcus Padley

The founder of the Marcus Today share market newsletter is Marcus Padley. Marcus is a stockbroker and has been advising institutional clients and a private client base for over 32 years.

Born a Yorkshireman he emigrated to Melbourne in 1994 as the souvenir of his Australian wife Emma's visit to London. He is 52 with three daughters and (finally) a son.

Marcus is a current Black Belt in Shukokai Karate.



Marcus advised institutional fund managers for 12 years in London and 4 years in Australia. Now as a proper authority holder at a licensed securities dealer (broker) he has been advising private clients for the last 16 years. He can also advise you. For more on that email your contact details here

  • Stockbroker for 32 years

  • Master of Applied Finance from Macquarie University.

  • Bachelor of Law - Southampton University.

  • ASX Derivatives Advisor Level 1.

  • Prize winner in Applied Portfolio Management - Macquarie University.

  • ASX Affiliate.

  • Stockbrokers Association 'Tipster of the Year' 2008.

  • Master Member of the Stockbrokers Association of Australia - Master Members of the SAA have to demonstrate they are a fit and proper person by continuously complying with the SAA Good Fame and Character criteria. They also have to meet the SAA knowledge and skills requirements as required, commit to meet the SAA Continuing Professional Development requirements, have employment experience of at least 7 years in the stockbroking industry and have been either an ASX Affiliate or an ASX Responsible Executive.


  • "Stock Market Secrets" - October 2009 - Has gone Bestseller in 2010 selling over 8,000 copies. Now almost sold out (run of 10,000...pressure to write another one!). A critique of the book from the AIA here.

  • International Author! - Stock Market Secrets has now been translated in Portuguese and is being sold in Brazil. Glamorous as that is Marcus has yet to see a brass Real from that venture although he could arguably visit RIO on expenses.

  • All new subscribers to Marcus Today get a copy of Marcus' book for FREE along with a tremendously valuable and rather curious Marcus Today Pen.


  • Apart from appearing on the ABC TV and Radio Marcus is much sought after speaker and a regular at many industry bodies including the AIA annual conference and The Future Wealth Forum including four Expos nationally each year.

  • Marcus has spoken and conducted seminars at Rotary, the ASX, CPA Australia, the Australian Shareholders Association (ASA), The Australian Technical Analysts Association (ATAA), The REIV, the RACV Club, the Caltex Re-sellers conference (in Las Vegas), local sporting clubs, Universities, Youth Forums, Schools, the WA Mining Club and local private share groups.

  • Marcus speaks on many subjects to do with 'life and finance' but most commonly confronts audiences with the 'Truth about the share market' and all matters financial. Marcus tailors talks for corporate or industry audiences and delivers in a typically professional, entertaining and 'tell it as it is' style.

  • If you would like to utilize Marcus as a speaker please contact him by clicking here.

TV and Radio

  • Marcus has been a regular on the ABC TV since 2003.

  • Currently presents a regular slot on ABC News Breakfast TV with Michael Roland and Virginia Trioli.

  • The Business - Tuesday nights with Ticky Fullerton.

  • ABC Radio 774 - Daily finance slot on the Jon Faine Morning show in Melbourne - tune in at 10:40am.

  • Marcus is also a regular guest on other Business TV.


  • Weekly Columnist The Age Business Section on Saturday.

  • Weekly Columnist The Sydney Morning Herald Business Section on Saturday.

  • Bi-Weekly Columnist The Age Money Section on Wednesday.

  • Weekly Columnist The West Australian Business Section on Saturday.

  • Monthly article in the Money Magazine.

  • Marcus has contributed to many business publications and industry magazines over the years. If you would like to publish one of Marcus' articles or have him write to order please contact him here.


Founded in 1998 by Marcus Padley

Marcus Today offers subscribers financial honesty - "telling it as it is". This is the culture of Marcus Today and we translate that into model portfolios, an education as well as practical share market advice telling you which stocks we like and when to buy and sell. We hope that a FREE TRIAL of our product will inspire you to subscribe.

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