How To Track Director Buying And Selling

You can track changes in Directors Shareholdings every day on the Market Index website – CLICK HERE – this gives you a daily list of directors transactions although you can click through on each code to see the history of directors transactions in any stock, or you can simply search a particular stock code at…

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The Hedge

Henry Jennings I have written on the delights of having a small hedge in times of trouble and have had many emails asking for what level of hedging you should have? The answer is easy. It depends. Very JP Morgan when asked about where he saw the markets going. ‘It will be volatile’. The question…

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covid 19 economic recovery

How to Play the Recovery Trade

HAIR ON FIRE IN THE US – HOW TO PLAY THE RECOVERY TRADE The hopes for a vaccine have sent the Dow up 911 or 3.85% overnight. The S&P 500 was up 3.15%. The UK up 4.29%. The German market up 5.67%. The French market up 5.16%. The oil price up 8.12%. BHP and RIO…

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Into the Relapse Zone

AN INTERESTING THOUGHT Into the Relapse Zone – We are coming into the “Relapse Zone”, the period after restrictions are lifted – in particular, the market is interested in the experience in the US and UK. The world is watching to see if they have lifted lockdowns too quickly (as looks likely). You can track…

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Income investing 101

Income Investing 101

Many retirees open a bank account for dividends. Every stock they buy they do the paperwork directing the share registry to pay any dividends into that bank account. Non-retiree investors, as well as some of the wealthier retiree investors, will elect instead to have the registry use the dividend to buy more shares under the…

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