Are ETFs as safe as a padlock

How Safe Are ETF’s?

Henry Jennings I received an email this morning regarding ETFs. Everyone has heard of ETFs and many are suspicious of them. The question many ask is what happens in a market crash? How will ETFs perform and will they survive? Firstly, what is an ETF? At its core, it is an instrument that replicates the…

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Income investing 101

Income Investing 101

Many retirees open a bank account for dividends. Every stock they buy they do the paperwork directing the share registry to pay any dividends into that bank account. Non-retiree investors, as well as some of the wealthier retiree investors, will elect instead to have the registry use the dividend to buy more shares under the…

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Mirvac Group (MGR) is engaged in real estate investment, development, third-party capital management and property asset management. MGR has three main segments, each responsible for the following Office & Industrial: manages the office and industrial property portfolio to produce rental income, along with developing office and industrial projects. Also manages joint ventures and properties for…

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ASX Education: Best Charting Software

We have had a question about the best charting software on the Marcus Today Stock Discussion Group. There is an article below that was done a few years ago, but some of the responses to the discussion group will probably save you a bit of time: Check out Bullcharts (refer Brendon 02-9495-8400) …also provides live…

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ASX Education: The inefficient market hypothesis

INEFFICIENT MARKET HYPOTHESIS You may have heard of ‘EMH’, the ‘efficient market hypothesis’. Anyone who’s read the introduction to any text book on financial theory can tell you all about it. EMH basically says that you can’t beat average returns because the markets are at all times “informationally efficient”, that is to say all prices…

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Marcus Padley working as a stock broker in London

ASX Education: Ten Investment Rules

I have been writing the Marcus Today newsletter for over twenty years and read something called “Farrell’s Rules” over thirty years ago. There is an article about ‘Farrell’s Ten Rules’ below which you might find interesting, but as I read them, I realise they are a bit old, and I’m sure we can do better.…

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ASX Education: Why you don’t matter

Westpac had its results on Monday. Whenever a big company has results every significant fund manager will come into work the next day to find ten pieces of research (fifty in the USA), one from each of the big brokers, sitting on their desk selling ten different opinions about the result. Fund managers are like…

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