covid 19 economic recovery

How to Play the Recovery Trade

HAIR ON FIRE IN THE US – HOW TO PLAY THE RECOVERY TRADE The hopes for a vaccine have sent the Dow up 911 or 3.85% overnight. The S&P 500 was up 3.15%. The UK up 4.29%. The German market up 5.67%. The French market up 5.16%. The oil price up 8.12%. BHP and RIO…

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Into the Relapse Zone

AN INTERESTING THOUGHT Into the Relapse Zone – We are coming into the “Relapse Zone”, the period after restrictions are lifted – in particular, the market is interested in the experience in the US and UK. The world is watching to see if they have lifted lockdowns too quickly (as looks likely). You can track…

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axs 200 sell signals

ASX 200 sell signal

I was on the ABC this morning – has delayed me a little bit this morning. What was the sign in the background? I have been emailed a few times. It was this: It’s a representation of my assertion that we have been through the ‘World is going to end panic’, we have then seen…

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How to use a model portfolio

The Marcus Today Model Portfolios – Growth and Income – are the core of what we do. They are where all of our analysis (both fundamental and technical), reading, discussions, debate and decision-making are crystallised into actionable outcomes. They are how (along with Marcus’ Strategy articles) we pass messages about the market. Quite simply, they are…

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Mirvac Group (MGR) is engaged in real estate investment, development, third-party capital management and property asset management. MGR has three main segments, each responsible for the following Office & Industrial: manages the office and industrial property portfolio to produce rental income, along with developing office and industrial projects. Also manages joint ventures and properties for…

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Marcus Padley working as a stock broker in London

ASX Education: Ten Investment Rules

I have been writing the Marcus Today newsletter for over twenty years and read something called “Farrell’s Rules” over thirty years ago. There is an article about ‘Farrell’s Ten Rules’ below which you might find interesting, but as I read them, I realise they are a bit old, and I’m sure we can do better.…

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ASX Education: Why you don’t matter

Westpac had its results on Monday. Whenever a big company has results every significant fund manager will come into work the next day to find ten pieces of research (fifty in the USA), one from each of the big brokers, sitting on their desk selling ten different opinions about the result. Fund managers are like…

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