Technology Stocks

What the Tech?

The Vaccine/Biden inspired rally and subsequent rotation into ‘value’ stocks struck down by the pandemic has helped the market print its best month since March 1988. It’s left a lot of investors wondering, what the Tech? Energy stocks have been the best performers last month, surging by almost 30% vs the market up 11.2%. The…

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Omnitrader Signals

We use Omnitrader as our charting software. With software like this you can scan over 2000 stocks a day for any technical signal you like using stock standard formulas or any you might want to create uourselves. It is fully programmable. For instance you can scan the market to find RSI sell signals (as here),…

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ASX Education: Best Charting Software

  Over the last few days, we have received some questions about the type of charting software that we use here at Marcus Today. A few years ago while writing about trading software that you might find useful: Check out Bullcharts (refer Brendon 02-9495-8400) …also provides live data charts. Comprehensive and flexible. I have used a…

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Are past prices clouding your judgement?

We all have a lot of trouble buying stocks that have gone up a lot and selling stocks that have gone down. If that’s you then I regret to inform you that you are being affected by a well-established financial concept that only affects soft-brained investors. It is called “Anchoring”. Anchoring, also known as ‘focusing…

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How to change a Culture

I once had a holiday job with Mercedes Benz in their International and Diplomatic sales show room in Green Park just opposite the Ritz in London. My job was to escort the guy who took the deposits to the bank. No big deal you might think but when the Ambassador of King Gotalotadosh from a…

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Marcus Today SMA | October 2020 Update

BREAKING NEWS: Light at the End of the Tunnel. Big vaccine developments just before we hit the send button. A brief summary: Stocks around the globe rallied after German-based BioNTech and Pfizer announced that their COVID-19 vaccine candidate achieved success in the first interim analysis of a Phase 3 study. The company said that the…

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