Just starting out in the stock market?

Education for Beginners

Beginner Education Series

We have been developing a series of articles that will in time become an Education Course. We are doing Beginners first. It is designed to help new Members learn about the stock-market. This is being developed incrementally week by week, which you can access via our newsletter.

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Beginner Seminars

Our beginner seminar will appeal to anyone of any age who wants to learn basic financial concepts, understand your Super, understand some simple Super investment options and be introduced to the stock market. All presented in layman’s terms.

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Marcus Today Newsletter

To a first-time investor the share market can seem daunting. Marcus Today Newsletter is your one-stop-shop to learning about the Stocks Market, offering you tips, research and guides. You even have access to leading industry leaders!

Marcus Today is Australia’s leading independent stock market newsletter. Delivered daily it provides market information for every investor. Marcus Today is the market information you need to succeed. Marcus Today calls it as it is without an agenda, putting subscribers first, and it has paid off for real people with real money.


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Marcus Today SMA

You have no clue on how to manage your SMSF or manager a Portfolio? Let us do the work for you. In order to make life simple Marcus Today have established Separately Managed Accounts (SMA’s – a type of managed fund) which allows Members to invest with us.

Take the hassle out of managing your finances, whilst retaining all the benefits of a professionally managed fund.

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Stock Discussion Group

Connect and safely discuss stocks within a community of like-minded, stock market interested, investors that are willing to share and help.

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Clients Testimonials


A. Scroggie

I subscribed to the Marcus Today newsletter late last year and have found it valuable from day 1. Their balanced analysis and insight into the market has been a great way to figure out what’s important and their rule-of-thumb approach to risks and investing has helped prepare me for the volatile market conditions currently being experienced.

I have only been investing in the stock market for a relatively short time. I was fortunate to win a Portfolio Assessment with one of MT’s senior analysts (Chris). The Assessment was extremely valuable. It has helped in my general understanding of the markets, how to form an investment strategy, how to assess particular stocks and to think about where I want my portfolio to get to in the future. I would recommend this service to any other MT members, the potential upside to your portfolio is worth the investment. Thanks Chris and Marcus Today!


I*** W***

I subscribe to your newsletter because you have proven to me that I can trust your no-nonsense approach. (You) help eliminate ‘noise’ from the market in making decisions (and) provide a wide variety of information, education and advice, all with a good balance of philosophy and humour. You have the members’ share market standing at the forefront.


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