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Risk and reward

Investment Philosophy

Most fund managers have an Investment Philosophy. For some it is little more than a marketing blurb on their website, for others it is their core. An “Investment Philosophy” for professional fiund managers is required for compliance purposes (compliance with compliance) but it goes beyond that. An Investment Philosophy, whilst it can be updated and…

why ETFs

Why ETFs

  Embarrassingly our ETF portfolio has been outperforming our other portfolios (written on 17th February 2021). It is a revelation that this low-cost, low activity, low stress, low administration, relaxed portfolio, exposed to compounding returns in the Australian market as well as the HACK, FANG, FUEL and S&P 500, is outperforming our Australian stock picking…

On the Couch - Andrew Wielandt talking all things ETF

On the Couch with Andrew Wielandt

Andrew Wielandt is from DP Wealth in Toowoomba. Andrew is a regular guest expert on Ausbiz and has an in depth knowledge of ETFs. He is a former Macquarie Wealth Adviser and has adopted ETF investment to improve his clients returns in his practice in Queensland. CLICK HERE to sign up for a free trial of the…