The Obvious ETFs

Here is a list of some of the main, obvious, mostly passive ETFs. I have tried to avoid the active ones which are the same but different. Active ETFs are more dangerous and expensive, and if you lump them in with the passive ones you are mixing wolves with sheep. They can be hard to…

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Results season - Blow Up or Go Up

Results – Blow up or go up

The most likely thing to shock any shareholder and share price is company results. Results present a bi-annual moment of heightened risk for all stocks that report. We are coming up the Australian results season in August. Thanks to continuous disclosure requirements (meaning companies ‘dump’ information at results) and high-frequency trading (some of which now…

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The 7 Principles of Acquiring Wealth

THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON There is a quote in the Richest Man in Babylon that says: “But too often does youth thinks that age knows only the wisdom of days that have gone, and therefore profits not. But remember this; the sun shines today as the sun shone when your father was born, and…

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stock tip

500 of your Stock Tips

Question 20 of our 2022 Member Survey was this: “Do you have a stock tip, theme or a bit of (legal) inside information about your own industry or business to share with other members?” Here are the 500 odd answers – your stock tips. Note the date – June 2022. Don’t want you reading this…

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worst #Financial Decision

500 of Your Worst Financial Decisions

We sent our Members a 20 question survey in 2022. One of the questions in our 2022 Member Survey was: “What was your worst Financial Decision?“. We had over 500 pieces of “advice”. There are too many to include in the newsletter so I have put them in a PDF for you. You may have…

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Smart Financial Advice

600 bits of Smart Financial Advice

We sent our Members a 20 question survey in 2022. Question 19 was this: “What piece of Smart Financial Advice do you have for other Members?”. Over 600 answers included 13 references to stop losses, 18 references to subscribing to Marcus Today, a number of references to Marriage (as always) and a lot of motherhood…

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Customer Service Role

Apply: Customer Service job at Marcus Today

Customer Service Role: Part-Time – Would suit school hours. Melbourne based (Bayside). Riley is off the USA to kick footballs for a College Team so we are looking for a part-time (3-4 days a week) Customer Service person to join our team. A part-time role that would also suit someone that wants to work between School…

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