Smashed Avocado

Toms Blog – I Like Smashed Avocado

Family Christmas lunches provide a range of entertainment. This year was no exception. From eccentric aunties discussing their timeshare purchase, to the excitement of a 3-month old baby cousin being introduced to their extended family for the first time. Then there was that nice glass of Penfolds that spilt on the new couch and wayward…

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Following the Fund Managers

You may have seen my article on Livewire this weekend which talked about some of the common traits and mistakes, as well as the heroics we see when we do portfolio assessments for financial planning clients, mostly portfolios that have been managed by SMSF Trustees in isolation. Our portfolio assessments provide people with a bouncing…

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sophisticated investors

Stock Market Secrets: Unsophisticated Investors

“Sophisticated investors are people who have a level of wealth and or expertise in the market that excuses the seller of a financial product from the regulatory duty of care. Sophisticated investors are deemed to be smart enough or big enough to look after themselves. Someone with savoir-faire”. Well, in many cases, that’s a laughing…

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Stock Market News: The Banks

IDEA OF THE DAY BANKS It has been a torrid few days for the banks with ANZ cutting its franking from 100% to 70% and WBC cutting its dividend from 94c to 80c and raising $2.0 billion in an institutional share placement at 2532c with a share purchase plan to come. WBC has dropped 6.6%…

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The Education Holy Grail

My nineteen-year-old daughter and I did our recreational boat operator’s course together. A day in a classroom and a day on the water. It was the first time I have been in the classroom in a while but I have to say, as a financial professional and a veteran of much financial education, there was…

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