Oil fields affecting the oil price

Oil Price Correlations

The oil price is ticking up after the OPEC+ (OPEC plus Russia) meeting in early December, which saw Saudi Arabia push for the deepest production cuts in a decade. Oil up 2%. OPEC pumps 40% of the World’s oil. They increased production cuts by 500,000 barrels to 1.7m barrels a day – 372,000bpd by OPEC…

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It’s Tax Time – Tax Loss Selling

We are into June, and it’s time for financial advisers and accountants to start talking to clients about tax loss selling in stocks, something that we should probably all think about in May rather than June, but whatever. It works like this. Assuming you pay Capital Gains Tax, many of you don’t, on June 30th…

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Stock Market News: Into the Future

Legal Advice will be done by computers with 100% accuracy instead of the human 70% accuracy. It’s already happening in the US with a company called IBM Watson. Don’t bother studying law. It will be for specialists only. Cancer will be diagnosed 4x more accurately by a nurse thanks to technology. At the moment the hospitals…

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