On the Couch with Equity Mates

Back in August, Henry was joined by not one but two guests, Bryce Leske and Alec Renehan, the podcast doyens from Equity Mates. Two great young guys starting out on their investment journey and sharing with the world. They have created a series of successful educational podcasts which interview industry experts on investing and all things…

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ASX200 end of September

ASX 200 Ends the Month in Uninspiring Fashion

WEDNESDAY MID WEEK CATCH UP, 30th September 2020 The ASX 200 (ASX: XJO) has ended the month in uninspiring fashion as it oscillated between small gains and losses on Monday to close down 13 points. The banks slid back on some profit-taking after big moves last week on news lending restrictions would be eased.    Tuesday saw a similar pattern evolve; the market closed flat after early optimism evaporated. Another quiet day of indecision…  Wednesday saw the market down 64…

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Hotspots and Cold Spots

Rising case numbers in the US don’t seem to be upsetting the markets. No-one seems to care in the US. One colleague got a text from a cousin in Washington DC yesterday saying that “everyone is just getting back to normal and they’ll handle the virus if they get it”. Here we are in Victoria…

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Australia back in business by July

“Australia back in business by July” is the message from the cabinet meeting yesterday. The government clearly don’t want to be seen to be slow getting the economy going again and have developed a few catch phrases like “A sustainable COVID-19 Safe Economy” which means continuing with social distancing and safe hygiene. They expect the…

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Former head of the FOMC Paul Volker

We are on our own now

Paul Volcker was the Federal Reserve chairman before Greenspan. He was appointed by Jimmy Carter in 1979 and served as the US central bank’s chairman until 1987. Volcker was the man who, in an inflation obsessed era (the 1980’s), worked out that reacting to a rise in inflation didn’t work, and that central banks had to…

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