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Gives me good honest advice and strong integrity; unconflicted, deep not shallow; factual and pragmatic; great insights; all helps me to manage my portfolio

P*** M***

I subscribe to your newsletter because you :-

Have proven to me that I can trust your no-nonsense approach.
Help eliminate ‘noise’ from the market in making decisions.
Provide a wide variety of information, education and advice, all with a good balance of philosophy and humour.
Have member’s sharemarket standing at the forefront.

I*** W***

1. To keep me informed on what is going on in world markets, particularly Australia.
2. To provide investment ideas.
3. To learn from your mistakes, you are happy to put your hand up and say I’m wrong and why. This is very valuable.

All the best for the year ahead.

M*** O***

Because I have learned and continue to learn to be much more disciplined in my smsf portfolio management AND to hear another voice separate from my full service broker/advisor JB Were. I now feel that I manage them, rather than they manage me.

J*** S***

Great newsletters – keep calling it as it is – no BS

Love the updated news / overnight & daily updates of world financial & business news – that can affect markets

Love the charts and explanations

The Facebook forum is a is a great new innovation > love the ‘no dickheads’ policy

D*** T***

Helping me assess opportunities and get in and get out of stocks profitably.

B*** T***

I attended a seminar at Perth Fraser Suites last year and met Emma and Marcus along with Sean. It was an advanced session which I attended half the seminar (as I am beginning/intermediate). It was informative and solid and as I have not had an actual person in life to teach me this stuff, you along with the website and different articles has enabled me to learn at my own slow pace amongst people whom I have now grown to trust. So Thankyou and I am looking forward to meeting you more in person in the future.

C*** Family

I have been a member for some years now and Marcus today is a very important part of my daily routine.
As Marcus says many times, we must turn the computer on everyday, well I do that to catch up on all the market chatter and to see how my portfolios are going. Marcustoday provides commentary on what you think the market is doing, something a little deeper than the news media.

In addition to managing a SMSF and a trading portfolio I am a convenor for the Australian Shareholders Association organising three meetings a month for Members. The biggest frustration is the lack of information (not data) available to people who are not in the daily work force. Many times I recommend Marcus to Members who want to know what is going on, whether they should sell everything or just stay the path. I know you do not recommend only comment, but even that is better than nothing.

We were all lost when Your Money died, and as Henry says there really is no replacement, so now we watch CNBC and only really receive overseas information. Marcus is on the point so continue please, the trading area changes are not as good, because you don’t say what you are doing more what you have done, but that is probably because the price of the stock changes so much once Marcustoday talks about it.

AND please keep up the humour, it lightens the stresses in the market.

R*** T***

I sign into Marcus Today to help me cut through the financial, economic and stocks media noise to gain relevant insights in how to manage my Super money within my risk profile and my other higher risk profile fun account.

T*** S***

As a subscriber of 10 years or more – firstly in the corporate world of banking and finance, and now retired – your newsletter helps me know the state of the market and individual shares in which I am interested without any bias (really important!). It also helps me understand how the market works in plain language. I can choose to delve deeper – or not – and as I am in no way a share market expert I work to the level that makes sense for me now. It has both complicated (the need to know more) and de-complicated (the need to know when I’m at a point when extra information is pointless) my investment life. One success barometer is that I have made more money than I have lost in the direct market, although I still leave the management of most of our superannuation and pension savings to fund managers. You made that OK too. Most valuable anecdote directly from you at one of your 2018 courses…”I know someone who keeps their retirement money in managed funds and just keeps an eye on the market trends. Gets out when the market falls and gets back in when it starts to rise.” I was already doing this but wasn’t sure if it was the best way to manage our money. Takeaway: do what suits your style and knowledge level best. My husband who has almost zero knowledge of the markets and investments thinks I’m a guru and that’s got to be a good thing! Many thanks for your years of good information with a human touch.

M*** B***