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Member Insights

AN INVITATION TO MEMBERS Some of you may be interested in this invitation to answer the question: “If you could pass on just one piece of investment wisdom to other Marcus Today Members, what would it be”. You have 50 words or less. I will publish your “wisdoms” for the benefit of other Members in…

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How to play the housing market

How to play the housing boom in the ASX

The Easter conversation that bounced around the walls of my parent’s house focused on property. Tom, when are you going to buy a house? Where would you like to live? Why would you buy there? Can you afford to live there? Have you been saving for a deposit? Maybe you should ask Marcus for a…

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Marcus Today SMA | February 2021 Update

SMA PERFORMANCE   MARCUS TODAY GROWTH SMA (MT0001) Source: Praemium   The Marcus Today Growth SMA rose 2.75% in February, outperforming the 1.48% rise in the benchmark S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation index by 1.27%. The Growth SMA has risen 15.86% over the past 12 months – outperforming the 7.06% rise in the benchmark index by 8.80%…

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How to handle a correction

It is a year since the bottom of the market on March 23, 2020. Since then, the ASX 200 is up 54.44%…if you bought at the absolute low and sold a year later. What a year of opportunity. For any fund manager getting abused for not achieving 54.44% in the post pandemic recovery year, you…

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airtasker (ASX: ART) buy hold sell

BUY HOLD SELL – Airtasker (ASX: ART)

Another hot listing for this week’s Buy Hold Sell, Airtasker (ASX: ART). As pointed out in the Facebook group, it is arguably too early to provide as  in-depth an appraisal of the company as we usually do, nor apply a rating to it. Instead, we have decided to orientate the piece as more of a…

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Nuix (ASX: NXL) buy hold sell


Nuix (ASX: NXL) was the biggest float of 2020 and soared more than 50% on its first day. Investment banks couldn’t get enough of it and many missed out on their desired allocation. Some speculated that it was a function of the improving macro picture combined with a lack of desirable floats in 2020 that…

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