The importance of having a strong Self managed super fund (SMSF)

ASX Education: Do I need an SMSF?

Thanks to compulsory superannuation most people are invested in managed funds. You didn’t really make a choice to invest in managed funds but courtesy of the cozy relationship between employers and fund managers almost all of you tick that little box that says “put my super in your default fund” when you are employed. The…

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Your guide to surviving the results season

Marcus Today: Your Results Season Guide

NINE SECTORS THAT SHOULD HAVE GOOD RESULTS NEXT MONTH (AND FIVE THAT SHOULDN’T) We had a question on the Marcus Today stock discussion group on Facebook asking whether there was anything on the horizon that could upset the recent recovery in Orora (ORA). The most likely thing to upset any stock at the moment is…

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Risk and Reward

There is a natural assumption in almost every aspect of life that, from playing a cricket shot to investing in the stockmarket, there is a trade off between risk and reward. But when it comes to investing, one of the most common mistakes is to look at returns, at forecasts, at earnings growth and dividends,…

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Catholic or Private School

This was written in 2014…. A friend is trying to decide whether to send their child to the local Catholic School or the local Private School. They have a choice and have asked me to do a few numbers. Here’s the benefit of having the Lord by your side: If you assume that all other…

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ASX Education: 11.7%pa for 33 years

From 1941 to the low in 1974, the average annual compound return on the All Ordinaries Index for 33 years was 2.9 per cent per annum. Take off inflation of 4 per cent and you were going backwards. And that doesn’t include 1929 to 1941, which would have pulled it even lower. In the next…

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ASX Education: How to make a Million

I ask for Stupid Questions in my newsletter and I get them. Here’s one memorable one: “I have $10,000 and want to turn it into a million dollars. How do I do it?” You’re thinking “How Stupid” but there are no stupid questions in this game and if you think about it, it’s actually a…

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