Are ETFs as safe as a padlock

How Safe Are ETF’s?

Henry Jennings I received an email this morning regarding ETFs. Everyone has heard of ETFs and many are suspicious of them. The question many ask is what happens in a market crash? How will ETFs perform and will they survive? Firstly, what is an ETF? At its core, it is an instrument that replicates the…

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Rental Tips

I catch the same train to work as two of my colleagues, we walk around 10min from the station to work and often enjoy a good catch up about how the weekend unfolded, who broke up, who went home together, what wholesome activities we got up to? Farmers market, drive down the coast? It’s a…

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Discipline and consistency

Consistency and Discipline

For me, consistency and discipline are two closely related character traits that are essential if you are to be a successful trader (or investor). Trading is about analysing data and making decisions. Each time you buy or sell a financial instrument you are making a decision, informed or otherwise, about the prospects for that particular financial…

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expectations keep going up


Expectation can be a killer. Without getting too philosophical, high and unrealistic expectations lead to disappointment. High expectations by themself are fine but when we add in unrealistic, that’s when they can do more harm than good. In the trading game, it’s no different. Tempered expectations will keep us grounded. Unrealistic expectations will lead to…

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Hour Glass

Patience and Impatience

Our dive into ‘Mindset’ continues as we look at the virtue of patience – something traders often lack. Impatience is one of the biggest demons I have fought throughout my trading career and, I believe, one of the major factors which can hurt traders both mentally and financially. The recent rally and pullback in the ASX…

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Stock Price Mindset

The Importance of Your Mindset

There are three main elements to trading that must be understood and worked on if you want to be successful. Some people, including my first trading mentor Stuart Mcphee, refer to them as the 3M’s – Money, Method, Mind. ‘Money’ really means money management, i.e. how to calculate risk, how to size your positions, understanding…

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