New Normal

I’m feeling just a little bit more optimistic for the first time in months.  There may be just a chink of light at the end of the tunnel.  If Victoria can get its house in order Australia might just achieve some degree of a new normality.  I know we can’t expect to return to the…

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WAAAX buy hold sell


WAAAX on or WAAAX off? Our technology index is down ~5% since September 4. The Nasdaq is down ~9.5% over the same period. The high-flying tech sector has been brought back down to earth, the ‘waaax’ wings have melted and the froth has been blown off the top (somewhat). While the recovery theme is still…

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Marcus Today SMA | August 2020 Update

SMA PERFORMANCE MARCUS TODAY GROWTH SMA (MT0001) *Marcus Today/Thompson Reuters | 10/08/2020 | Details correct at time of publication. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns. The Marcus Today Growth SMA fell 0.58% in August, falling short of the benchmark ASX 300 Accumulation index’s rise of 3.05%. Over the past 12 months…

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Redbubble Group (ASX: RBL) buy hold sell

BUY HOLD SELL – Redbubble Group (ASX: RBL)

Please note this article contains general advice only and does not take into account your personal circumstances. Any discussion of past performance is not to be considered a reliable indicator of future performance. Founded in 2006, Redbubble Group (ASX: RBL) owns and operates online marketplaces and It manages an ecosystem of creatives selling…

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On the couch with Adam Dawes

On the Couch with Stockbroker Adam Dawes

After last week’s technology SNAFU and the end of the reporting season Henry is on the virtual couch again with stock broker Adam Dawes from Shaw and Partners talking through reporting season, the winners and losers, their top picks in the small-cap space for the next quarter and what just happened in the technology sector.

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Super For The Long Term

‘Superannuation is for the long term’.  I wonder how many people react as I do to that statement.  I immediately have two reactions.  The first and most obvious is that at 82 with 83 approaching at an alarming rate there is no long term for me.  It’s a case of living for the day, week…

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Ooh Media (ASX: OML) buy hold sell


Ooh Media (ASX: OML) is an Out-Of-Home advertising and media company. It offers advertisers the platform to create engagement with audiences through its portfolio of physical assets, linked to online, mobile and social media. Its road and commute segments are its main earners, contributing to more than 60% of revenue. The business trumpets its product…

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