Ten Tips for Not Losing Money

You don’t have to be a genius to work out that if only we could avoid the losses, we would all be winners.  The first rule of making it is not losing it. So here are my ten top tips on not losing money. Inside information. I have a colleague who has professionally traded all his life. It’s…

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Stock Market News: Royal Commission

I don’t need to rewrite all the Royal Commission recommendations for you, so I’ll take those as understood. That said there are a few interesting observations this morning: Bank executives with the wrong culture will be trying not to laugh at the recommendations. Some are calling it a waste of time. I think not (see…

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bear market

Stock Market News: What To Do In A Bear Market

As any broker can tell you. Volumes dwindle. Interest in the stock market (any market) gets progressively eroded if it doesn’t trend up. You need an uptrend to retain interest, an uptrend makes the stock market easy/popular/active. The longer the downtrend goes, the more the interest wanes. As the interest wanes the core function of…

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