BHP Unification. If it was that clear we wouldn’t be writing about it. So, let’s explain. First of all – WHY IS IT HAPPENING There is a lot of fluff about changing the structure to provide a simpler and more agile company but that’s the marketing.   The real reasons include: Because as a common…

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How much do you need to Retire?

It’s a great shame we don’t talk openly about Money. They used to, but not these days. These days dinner ends and we turn on a reality show where the celebrity apprentices have to lose weight, cook, build a block of flats and be breathalysed on the way to their own Wedding to someone they’ve…

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Predictions for 2022

If you have any predictions of your own please email them to and I will compile them for an article on our return. GUARANTEED PREDICTIONS FOR 2022 That 99% of strategists in the US and Australia will forecast the market going up 9% next year. Here’s why: That all the strategy projections will be…

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On the Desk

Talking Market Risks and Opportunities

In the last “On the Desk” for 2021, the boys put forward what they see as the biggest risks, and the biggest opportunities, in the market right now. Happy Holidays from the Marcus Today Team.   Why not sign up for a free trial? Get access to expert insights and independent research and become a better…

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