Beat the herd

20 Ways to Beat the Herd

The Growth Portfolio we manage for our investors and Members ($55m) has outperformed over the COVID-19 outbreak. For us COVID-19 was not a disaster, the volatility it caused proved to be a fabulous opportunity instead. How have we outperformed? And why have we locked it in? At the risk of letting out our Secret Herbs…

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Making Better Decisions

I thought this email was worth publishing. This email followed Henry's On the Couch session with Technical Analyst Regina Meani on Saturday: EMAIL FROM A MEMBER – Over the years I have tried and tested just about every indicator that exists. I also try to keep things as simple as practicable, but still effective, so have…

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back to the future

Back to the Future

It is interesting sometimes to look back at momentous turning points. For us, that was late March. I thought it would be a good idea to have look back at my March ramblings in Henry’s Take especially on small caps and the overall strategy of the team.

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asx market sectors

Redefining the ASX Sectors

I have taken the All Ords index, ignored the official sectors and re-allocated all stocks to new ‘Marcus Today’ sectors – putting them in groups that more usefully represent the sector ‘themes’ we talk about in the newsletter

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covid 19 economic recovery

How to Play the Recovery Trade

HAIR ON FIRE IN THE US – HOW TO PLAY THE RECOVERY TRADE The hopes for a vaccine have sent the Dow up 911 or 3.85% overnight. The S&P 500 was up 3.15%. The UK up 4.29%. The German market up 5.67%. The French market up 5.16%. The oil price up 8.12%. BHP and RIO…

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A simple life

As the weeks roll by we have become used to a very different way of life.  We take long walks instead of long drives or long sails.  We have enjoyed some great walks along the beach and have become very familiar with every rock and grain of sand.  Even the birds seem to recognize us…

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Into the Relapse Zone

AN INTERESTING THOUGHT Into the Relapse Zone – We are coming into the “Relapse Zone”, the period after restrictions are lifted – in particular, the market is interested in the experience in the US and UK. The world is watching to see if they have lifted lockdowns too quickly (as looks likely). You can track…

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The lucky country

A WIN FOR AUSTRALIA You may have read that the AOFM (Australian Office of Financial Management) just pulled off the biggest bond issue in Australian corporate history. They just sold $19bn of November 2024 Government Bonds. The initial issue size was $13bn and they saw $53.5bn worth of bids at a coupon of 1.02%. There…

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