BUY HOLD SELL – Nickel Mines (ASX: NIC)

The nickel price has been on a significant rally for some time. The contract on the London Metal Exchange (LME) jumped to its highest since August 2011 in recent days. Sharp gains in the price have been fuelled by rising demand and shrinking inventories worldwide but the bigger picture is the electric vehicle theme and…

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Ask Marcus

I put this ASK MARCUS button in the newsletter on Tuesday. I have had quite a few. I will answer the questions that I think will be of most interest to other Members. Sorry if I don’t get to yours (so many!) – I have taken a bit of artistic licence and doctored some of…

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How much do you need to Retire?

It’s a great shame we don’t talk openly about Money. They used to, but not these days. These days dinner ends and we turn on a reality show where the celebrity apprentices have to lose weight, cook, build a block of flats and be breathalysed on the way to their own Wedding to someone they’ve…

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Predictions for 2022

If you have any predictions of your own please email them to and I will compile them for an article on our return. GUARANTEED PREDICTIONS FOR 2022 That 99% of strategists in the US and Australia will forecast the market going up 9% next year. Here’s why: That all the strategy projections will be…

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The Dog Basket - Puppies in basket

The Dog Basket – The A (to Z) Team

There is a well-known investment theory of mean reversion. What were dogs one year becoming superstars the next. It is something we have adopted in the Marcus Today newsletter with some of our so-called ‘Corona Packs’. These are six-packs of stocks that cover a theme or sector, and give investors a more concentrated and focussed alternative…

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Emerging lithium miners - Li periodic table

Emerging Lithium Miners

What a year it has been. One standout story this year has been the transition from fossil fuels and ICE’s (internal combustion engines) to the new clean and green world of Electric Vehicles. The ‘go to’ commodity for this climate change buster is, of course, lithium. We only have to look at the recent results…

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