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On the Desk Talking Our Origin Stories

This week Chris, Tom, and Ben cover something a little different – their “origin” stories. Hear how the boys ended up involved in markets, what they love about them, and how they think they can beat them. CLICK HERE to learn more about our ONE STOCK PORTFOLIO COMPETITION Get more insights and stock ideas from the Marcus…

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Normal is Great

Newsletters are a cyclical business and all of us in the industry know that when the stock market turns down things will become harder for all of us, for Members and their investments and for Marcus Today as a business. Thankfully most corrections are short and sharp (the GFC was 18 months long which is…

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Signs of the Top

Signs of the top are things that, (only) in hindsight, will make it obvious that the market was coming up to a top. Things that in the cold light of a correction will blatantly reveal that investors, if not the world, had lost their objectivity. Things that the Man in the Moon can see but…

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