We have made our big call

We have made our big call and have gone from 70% “out” to 81% “in” in the Marcus Today Growth portfolio. We have had a few emails about what we have bought/hold – these are always available on the PORTFOLIOS tab on the website but here is a list of our current holdings. If you…

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Covid19 crash update we are buying

We are starting to buy

WE ARE STARTING TO BUY This is not optimsim, this is being less negative. Its a very busy morning for us, we have decided to reduce our massive cash position of 70%. We are taking it down to 40%. Bit short but I wanted to get the main message to you before the market opened.…

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“Don’t buy anything”

Our market down over 400 points on the open (8%) TODAY’S CONCLUSION – Not buying although the “Don’t buy anything” message will become more unsophisticated as every day goes past. We have to be slightly smarter than that because I guarantee you, at some point the tone of this is going to change, improve and…

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Why we’re not buying the market yet

This morning the US Federal Reserve has thrown the kitchen sink at the markets – they have cut interest rates to zero (0 to 0.25%) and announced $700bn in money printing. Market sentiment and individual opinions about the market are bi-polar at the moment. Someone told me at the weekend (after the 13% bounce on…

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It’s coming

I (Marcus) wrote on Saturday that “As the market floats in space, happy go lucky, we have to ponder where the gravitational pull is going to come from, the as yet unclear 2020 development that brings it back down to earth, because, as my accountant, a not unintelligent man, said to me last year, and…

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Anatomy of the fall

Anatomy Of The Fall

I wrote an article at the beginning of last week called the “Anatomy of the Bounce” which included a look at the stocks that had fallen the most and were (presumably) likely to bounce the most on a relief rally. At the time the ASX 200 (ASX: XJO) had dropped 13.23% from top to bottom…

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