Results Reactions

Results reactions as of Saturday 13th February 2021 This table shows the performance of stocks since recent results announcements or guidance – stocks are listed in market cap order biggest to smallest: This is some of the research post results this week. Macquarie results – Guidance was typically conservative but the fourth-quarter performance from the…

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Marcus Today SMA | January 2021 Update

SMA PERFORMANCE MARCUS TODAY GROWTH SMA (MT0001) Source: Praemium The Marcus Today Growth SMA fell 1.71% in January, falling short of the 0.56% rise in the benchmark S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation index. The Growth SMA has risen 6.41% over the past 12 months – outperforming the 2.69% fall in the benchmark index by 9.10% for the…

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How to lose $5000

I asked my colleagues a question this week. “How do you lose $5,000 in the stockmarket?” You might be interested in the many replies. Here are some of the more sensible ones. They included: Start with $10,000. Try to make $5,000 quickly. Trade Forex from the comfort of your own kitchen. Trade CFDs without understanding…

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