Hour Glass

Patience and Impatience

Our dive into ‘Mindset’ continues as we look at the virtue of patience – something traders often lack. Impatience is one of the biggest demons I have fought throughout my trading career and, I believe, one of the major factors which can hurt traders both mentally and financially. The recent rally and pullback in the ASX…

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Stock Price Mindset

The Importance of Your Mindset

There are three main elements to trading that must be understood and worked on if you want to be successful. Some people, including my first trading mentor Stuart Mcphee, refer to them as the 3M’s – Money, Method, Mind. ‘Money’ really means money management, i.e. how to calculate risk, how to size your positions, understanding…

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I Drive a Mondeo

My brother and I have shared a 2012 ford Mondeo (diesel) for the last 4-years. The car in the picture on the right is not the Mondeo, it is our friend Jared, who put this car on Carsales.com with the tag line – “Only used for school pickups”. Everyone has their own advice on cars.…

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Don't overtrade

Overtrading – Don’t Do It

Today I am going to talk to you about overtrading. Perhaps an odd place to start and for those who are experienced, it’s probably something you’ve already come to grips with. For novice traders, and even for those who are more experienced, overtrading can be an absolute killer. There are two reasons why. Firstly, it…

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Technical analysis charts

What is a Trader?

Having been inspired by Ben’s education series and after a question from a member, I’ve decided to start a rolling commentary about my trading journey with the ultimate goal of answering the question, ‘what is a trader?’ The word ‘trader’ will mean different things to different people but I thought that the best place to…

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Trump Not a Chump

We have looked through the details of the Phase One trade deal and despite spending last year exasperated by the unwelcome uncertainty and volatility that trade ‘news’ and Trump’s delivery of it caused, the conclusion from reading the trade deal is that however badly/annoyingly Trump has handled the news flow (a more efficient President might…

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Australian Ethical Fund small cap update

Update: Small Caps to Watch 2020

Back in November, we released our top picks for 2020 in the Small Caps space, you can grab a copy HERE. Here is the investment case for AEF we outlined in November. It has had a strong start to the year. Ongoing growth in FUM and strong inflows are expected to drive continued profit growth.…

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Smashed Avocado

I Like Smashed Avocado

Family Christmas lunches provide a range of entertainment. This year was no exception. From eccentric aunties discussing their timeshare purchase, to the excitement of a 3-month old baby cousin being introduced to their extended family for the first time. Then there was that nice glass of Penfolds that spilt on the new couch and wayward…

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