Why we’re not buying the market yet

This morning the US Federal Reserve has thrown the kitchen sink at the markets – they have cut interest rates to zero (0 to 0.25%) and announced $700bn in money printing. Market sentiment and individual opinions about the market are bi-polar at the moment. Someone told me at the weekend (after the 13% bounce on…

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It’s coming

I (Marcus) wrote on Saturday that “As the market floats in space, happy go lucky, we have to ponder where the gravitational pull is going to come from, the as yet unclear 2020 development that brings it back down to earth, because, as my accountant, a not unintelligent man, said to me last year, and…

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Anatomy of the fall

Anatomy Of The Fall

I wrote an article at the beginning of last week called the “Anatomy of the Bounce” which included a look at the stocks that had fallen the most and were (presumably) likely to bounce the most on a relief rally. At the time the ASX 200 (ASX: XJO) had dropped 13.23% from top to bottom…

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Former head of the FOMC Paul Volker

We are on our own now

Paul Volcker was the Federal Reserve chairman before Greenspan. He was appointed by Jimmy Carter in 1979 and served as the US central bank’s chairman until 1987. Volcker was the man who, in an inflation obsessed era (the 1980’s), worked out that reacting to a rise in inflation didn’t work, and that central banks had to…

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Risk/Reward Ratio

Capital Management – Risk/Reward Ratio

Today we conclude the Capital Management series by discussing point number 4; Determine your risk sizing Identify your stop price or where you will exit if the trade goes against you Calculate your position size Examine the risk/reward profile of the trade before entering Professional traders spend more time thinking about how a trade could…

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United States Federal Reserve System

The Central Bank Bombe

The FOMC has cut interest rates overnight (the first inter-meeting cut since 2008), the RBA cut rates yesterday and the rest of the World’s Central Banks are doubtless preparing to cut interest rates sometime soon – because of the coronavirus. Read the RBA statement and there was no cut and paste this time – nine mentions of…

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Position sizing

Capital Management – Position Sizing

Today we look at step three of our series on capital management Determine your risk sizing Identify your stop price or where you will exit if the trade goes against you Calculate your position size Examine the risk/reward profile of the trade before entering Calculating your position size is probably the easiest step in the process, but still a…

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