Super For The Long Term

‘Superannuation is for the long term’.  I wonder how many people react as I do to that statement.  I immediately have two reactions.  The first and most obvious is that at 82 with 83 approaching at an alarming rate there is no long term for me.  It’s a case of living for the day, week…

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Ooh Media (ASX: OML) buy hold sell


Ooh Media (ASX: OML) is an Out-Of-Home advertising and media company. It offers advertisers the platform to create engagement with audiences through its portfolio of physical assets, linked to online, mobile and social media. Its road and commute segments are its main earners, contributing to more than 60% of revenue. The business trumpets its product…

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Marcus Today SMA | July 2020 Update

Plenty of noise without much action. Despite threatening to break down and then up, the market kept heading sideways through July. FUND PERFORMANCE MARCUS TODAY GROWTH SMA (MT0001) *Marcus Today/Thompson Reuters | 09/07/2020 | Details correct at time of publication. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns. The Marcus Today Growth SMA…

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Netwealth Group Limited (ASX: NWL) buy hold sell

BUY HOLD SELL – Netwealth Group Limited (ASX: NWL)

Netwealth Group Limited (ASX: NWL) is an Australia-based technology company that offers superannuation and non-superannuation platform product. NWL provides financial Intermediaries and investors with financial services including managed funds, investor directed portfolio services, a superannuation master fund, separately managed accounts and self-managed superannuation administration services. NWL offers portfolio administration, investment management tools, and investment and…

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One of my daughters has been looking for a casual job and one came up at PetBarn yesterday packing online boxes. Her response was “I’d better apply before JobKeeper ends and everybody else starts looking for a job”. Clever girl. Getting ahead of the curve. The same applies in the stock market. Assume everything everybody…

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On the Couch with Equity Mates

This week On the Couch Henry is joined by not one but two guests with Bryce Leske and Alec Renehan the podcast doyens from EquityMates. Two great young guys starting out on their investment journey and sharing with the world. They have created a series of successful educational podcasts which interview industry experts on investing…

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Hello Stranger

It’s amazing how a simple and apparently insignificant thing can have such an amazing impact on life.  When Victoria declared mask wearing to be mandatory I thought that’s OK not a big issue if it helps solve the problem.  I had no idea how it would change things. Ever since working briefly in Libya and…

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ASX director buying and selling

How To Track Director Buying And Selling

You can track Director buying and selling every day on the Market Index website – CLICK HERE – this gives you a daily list of directors transactions although you can click through on each code to see the history of directors transactions in any stock, or you can simply search a particular stock code at…

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Warren Buffet's story related to Orangutans flipping coins

Stock Market Secrets: Orangutans

The concept for this article has been unashamedly stolen from Warren Buffet although it has been given an an Australian flavour. He expounded the US version in a speech in 1984 commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the book Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd, the bible of value investing. He called his speech…

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